Daily Archives: October 23, 2018

Violence Erupts Over Protests At Myanmar Garment Factory. A Presage Of Things To Come?

After eight weeks of persistent protest, workers at Fu Yuen Garment Co Ltd have allegedly been the target of “hired thugs” in an incident that drew riot police to the scene. The employees of the Chinese owned company have been demonstrating outside the factory since August 20th, when 30 workers […]

Caravan Of 4,000 Honduran Migrants Make Their Way To Mexico And United States

According to NBC news, a caravan of approximately 4,000 Honduran migrants are making their way through Guatemala towards Mexico and the United States. President Donald Trump has threatened to sever financial assistance to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala if they grant safe passage to the caravan. The President also threatened […]

France Offers Assistance In North Korean Denuclearization Process

On Monday, 15 of October, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that France would be willing to help North Korea begin the process of denuclearization. However, France specified the need to first witness a genuine desire and more concrete commitments from Pyongyang towards achieving the very goal of denuclearization. President of […]

Call For Human Rights Investigation In Nicaragua

Following months of anti-government protests in Nicaragua, the Organization of American States (OAS) has called for human rights bodies to be allowed into the country to investigate alleged abuse against protesters. It is claimed that the Nicaraguan government has used torture, arbitrary arrest and unreasonable force in attempts to suppress […]

Death of Afghan Police Chief Pushes Afghanistan Into Further Crisis

The death of the high-ranking and powerful police chief and intelligence head of Kandahar Province, Abdul Raziq, has thrown the South Asian nation yet further into chaos and uncertainty. The incident occurred on October 18, as the Afghan police chief was meeting with the U.S. Forces and NATO Resolute Support […]

Deadline Passes For Syria’s Idlib Buffer Without Fighters Leaving

On Monday, October 15th, the deadline for militant groups to move out of the rebel-controlled area of Idlib, Syria passed. The radical military groups there did not move, and the Russian-Turkish deal that created this deadline was disregarded. This deal was implemented in order to weaken the offensive fronts of […]

Uganda And Rwanda Warned About Spread Of Ebola From DRC

Ebola could spread from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Uganda and Rwanda. According to Reuters, the rate of Ebola cases has more than doubled since September after rebel violence in northeastern DRC caused response efforts to be briefly suspended, health officials said. The disease is believed to have infected 194 […]