Daily Archives: September 27, 2018

EU Parliament Votes For Disciplinary Action Against Hungary

Earlier this week under the legislative threshold of a two-thirds majority, the European Parliament voted 448 to 197, in favour of disciplinary proceedings against Hungary for allegedly undermining European Union core values and the rule of law. Based on reports, the European Parliament has raised concerns surrounding the constitutional and […]

Countless To Suffer From Hunger Globally In War Torn Regions As Food Deprivation Through Aid Impediment Cripples Civilian Lives: A Yemeni Focus

Access to and delivery of critical food aid in war-torn Yemen is under threat, as recent attacks have deliberately targeted the World Food Programme run warehouse holding facilities and delivery vehicles. Whilst the precise identity of the assailants responsible for the ambush remains unresolved. What is clear is that should […]

The Newest Wave of Taliban Attacks in Northern Afghanistan

On September 10, the Taliban carried out multiple attacks in Northern Afghanistan, killing at least 52 Afghan security forces. As the latest violence to plague the country, the Taliban attacked police checkpoints in four northern provinces: Kunduz, Jawzjan, Samangan, and Sari Pul. Although United States officials have been meeting directly […]

Criminalization of Humanitarian Aid: Thirty Members of Migrant Rescue Team Charged With Human Trafficking

Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) is Greek nonprofit whose mission is to provide humanitarian aid, especially to refugees making the perilous journey through the Aegean Sea. From the island of Lesbos, the agency conducted search and rescue operations. Since 2015 they claim to have helped over 45,000 refugees reach safety. […]

Ethiopia, Eritrea Sign New Peace Agreement in Saudi Arabia

On Sunday, September 16th, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki attended a summit in Saudi Arabia to sign a new peace agreement, referred to as the “Jeddah Agreement”– cementing a previously unstable relationship between the two former Horn of Africa rivals. The summit was hosted in […]

In Basra, al-Abadi Condemns ‘Unacceptable’ Iran Consulate Attack

Protesters stormed the streets of Basra, Iraq, last week for five days in an effort to revolt against the alleged corruption of the Iraqi government. During the protest, demonstrators clashed with security forces, leaving 12 dead. Protesters also managed to torch the provincial headquarters, the Iranian Consulate, and the offices […]

Gender Identity Law Moves Chile in More Progressive Direction

Legislators in Chile approved a bill allowing transgender individuals to change their official records Wednesday, setting an impressive precedent for a more conservative country. First introduced into Chile’s congress in 2013, the law allows citizens over the age of eighteen to change their official details, including gender identity. The law […]

Sweden Faces Hung Parliament as Far Right Movement Gains Group

Sweden’s far-right party, the Sweden Democrats, gained nearly 18 percent of votes in general election. Thus making the Sweden Democrats, an anti-immigration nationalist party, the second largest in parliament. According to The Irish Times, the Social Democrats, Sweden’s once dominated party fell to 28.4 percent, its lowest level of support […]