Daily Archives: September 17, 2018

Saudi-UAE Coalition Admits Yemen School Bus Attack Was ‘Unjustified’

The Saudi-UAE military coalition has admitted that their August 9th attack targeting Houthi rebels in Yemen was ‘unjustified.’ The strike was carried out on a school bus stationed at a market in Dayhan, Saada, a Houthi-controlled province. The strike killed a total of 51 people, 40 of them children aged […]

Argentina’s Macri Raises Taxes, Axes Ministries After Peso Plunge

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri announced a range of policies last Monday, including new taxes on exports and the removal of over half of the government’s ministries. These emergency measures are a part of a campaign to calm markets and restore confidence in the Argentinian peso, which has lost more than […]

Indian-Administered Kashmir: 9-Year-Old Gang-Raped And Killed

Violence against women is tragically a common occurrence around the world and age is rendered insignificant when committing horrendous crimes. On September 2nd, the police found a dead body of a 9-year-old girl in the Indian-administered Kashmir’s Baramullah district. The child had gone missing on August 23rd and was murdered the […]

The Treatment Of Females In Australian Politics

“When a feisty, amazing woman like Julia Banks says this environment is not for me, don’t say ‘toughen up princess’, say ‘enough is enough’,” said Julie Bishop in response to Julia Banks’s withdrawal from the upcoming elections due to the “bullying and intimidation” she has been subjected to. And she […]

School Hit By Suicide Bomb In Somalia’s Capital

A car bomb has killed and critically injured a number of civilians, causing a school to collapse in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu. The suicide bomber detonated the explosive near the entrance to a government district office which lies in close proximity to the now damaged Quranic school. Reuters reports that the […]

Yemen-Geneva Peace Talks Stall After Houthi Absence

The most recent talks between Yemen and the rebel Houthi group have recently fallen through in Geneva. The UN-sponsored talks between the Yemen ambassador and the rebel delegates was left unable to commence due to logistics issues stalling the Houthi representatives from attending the talks. The inability of the United […]

Indian Supreme Court Decriminalizes Homosexuality Bringing A Long-Awaited Win For LGBT Indians

India’s Supreme Court recently ruled that a colonial-era law that criminalized homosexuality was “irrational, indefensible, and manifestly arbitrary,” striking down the past of the law pertaining to homosexuality – thereby decriminalizing homosexuality in the second most populous country in the world – and declaring that all LGBT Indians deserved all of […]

US Prisoners Nationwide Have Gone On Strike

On August 21st, incarcerated men and women across seventeen states in the US began a nineteen-day-long nationwide strike in an attempt to force prison reform and end what has been described as modern slavery. The strike aims to bring attention to the inhumanity of prison conditions, unpaid labour and life […]

Rejection Of Ceasefire At Tehran Summit Means Battle Of Idlib Inevitable

An attempt to prevent a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Idlib, a city located in Syria’s north-western province, has failed. On Friday, September 7, Presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey met at a trilateral summit in Tehran, to possibly negotiate a last-minute diplomatic deal to prevent further bloodshed in the ongoing Syrian […]

Indian Judicial Activism: A Strong And Crucial Step Forward For The LGBTQI Community

September 6th marked a historic and long-awaited turn in the chapter of the Indian gay rights movement. The Indian Supreme court struck down a quintessentially age-old and outdated law, which criminalized gay sex. Specifically, as outlined by Aljazeera online, the substance of the struck down law is as follows, “Section […]