Daily Archives: September 10, 2018

Deadly Suicide Blast Hits Offices And School In Mogadishu

Six people were pronounced dead, including two children, and fourteen others were critically wounded after a deadly suicide bombing Sunday, September 2nd. Among the injured were Ibrahim Hassan Matan, the deputy district commissioner, and six children. The attack occurred at a government office in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. Three who died […]

Palestinian Village Khan al-Ahmar Destroyed for Illegal Israeli Settlement

The Israeli High Court has permitted the destruction of the Palestinian village Khan al-Ahmar. Palestinians and rights group have condemned this decision that will bulldoze the homes of 180 people, including a school that educates many children in the surrounding area of the occupied West Bank. Settlers have slowly been […]

Journalists Jailed After Investigating Evidence of Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar

Two Reuters journalists were jailed in Myanmar after investigating allegations of genocide against the Rohingya. The sentencing of the journalists came just over a week after the UN released an official report referring to the actions of Myanmar authorities as genocide. The report called the persecution of the Rohingya people […]

Peaceful Protesters Arrested in Iran

According to the Human Rights Watch, more than 50 peaceful activists have been detained in a series of protests starting in early August this year. Iran has historically handled peaceful protests poorly, with this year alone since January roughly 30 demonstrators have been killed by authorities. Reports from families claim […]

Ortega Orders Expulsion of UN Human Rights Team

On Friday Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega, ordered the expulsion of the United Nations human rights team posted in the country. This demand takes place only two days after the team published a report that condemned the government’s violent response to the ongoing political conflict. Since mid-April, demonstrators in Nicaragua have […]

Renewed Intense Fighting Throughout Libya

On August 27, intense clashes between rival armed groups in Libya were renewed following a surprise attack from one armed group, the Seventh Brigade, launched against their rivals. According to Al Jazeera, after roughly a week of fighting 39 Libyan’s were killed, including 18 civilians, with hundreds more wounded. The […]

United Nations Calls For Genocide Charges Against Myanmar Military Officials

Myanmar’s military commander and five other high-ranking military officials should be brought before the International Criminal Court to be tried for genocide, according to the United Nations. The decision comes after a yearlong investigation into the Tatmadaw’s crackdown on the Rohingya Muslims last year. Focusing on the Kachin, Rakhine and […]

Myanmar Government Denies UN Findings Regarding The Rohingya Genocide

In a report commissioned by the United Nations that showed findings of mass killings and acts of genocide perpetrated by the Myanmar government, Myanmar government officials have denied any allegations of crimes against humanity towards the Rohingya population. Such allegations have included acts of extrajudicial killings, sexual violence, and widespread […]

Calls In Morocco To No Longer ‘Turn A Blind Eye’ To Rampant Sexual Abuse

This week, a 17-year-old Moroccan girl named Khadija was returned to her family after being held captive for two months, where she was repeatedly gang-raped, starved, beaten, withheld from basic hygiene, and where she had her whole body tattooed with Nazi symbols and explicit statements and images. A video has […]

Cambodian Leader Takes Final Steps Towards Authoritarianism

Cambodia’s recent general elections have seen the Cambodia People’s Party re-claim all 125 parliamentary seats, in the absence of any true opposition. Prime Minister Hun Sen’s 33-year long reign has taken its final steps towards authoritarianism. In November, Cambodia’s only viable opposition party, The Cambodian National Rescue Party (C.N.R.P), had […]

U.S. Sends Mixed Messages On The Future Of Military Exercises In The Korean Peninsula

The stability of the Korean Peninsula was questioned this week as the United States government made conflicting statements on the future of joint military training exercises in the area. On Tuesday, August 28th, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told Pentagon reporters, “We have no plans at this time to suspend […]