Daily Archives: September 10, 2018

Twelve-Year-Old Nauru Refugee Attempts To Set Herself On Fire

Nauru has received renewed attention within the past month due to reports of children harming themselves in protest. Among those, is a 12-year-old refugee who has attempted to set herself on fire on Wednesday 22nd August. This infliction of self-harm was intervened by her family and friends. The girl was […]

Deadly Suicide Blast Hits Offices And School In Mogadishu

Six people were pronounced dead, including two children, and fourteen others were critically wounded after a deadly suicide bombing Sunday, September 2nd. Among the injured were Ibrahim Hassan Matan, the deputy district commissioner, and six children. The attack occurred at a government office in Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital. Three who died […]

Demands to Stop Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Amid Continued Crisis in Yemen.

On September 2, 2018, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a statement calling for all countries to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia and to demand an independent investigation into potential war crimes in the ongoing conflict in Yemen.  The HRW statement was in response to a Saudi-led bombing of […]

Duterte Eyes Unrestricted Arms Deal with Israel

In the first Philippine presidential visit to Israel, Rodrigo Duterte traveled on Sunday, September 2, for a four-day stay that included renewing relations between the two countries as well as a new arms deal. Duterte says that he wants to better arm his police force and troops, and sees Israel […]

Same-Sex Relationships Decriminalized in India

Same-sex relationships were decriminalized in India today. In a landmark ruling, India’s Supreme Court struck down an archaic Colonial-era law that has ostracized the LGBTQ+ community for 158-years. According to the Times of India, Activists, supporters, and members of the LGBTQ+ community were celebrating the verdict, which also added that […]

Palestinian Village Khan al-Ahmar Destroyed for Illegal Israeli Settlement

The Israeli High Court has permitted the destruction of the Palestinian village Khan al-Ahmar. Palestinians and rights group have condemned this decision that will bulldoze the homes of 180 people, including a school that educates many children in the surrounding area of the occupied West Bank. Settlers have slowly been […]

Journalists Jailed After Investigating Evidence of Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar

Two Reuters journalists were jailed in Myanmar after investigating allegations of genocide against the Rohingya. The sentencing of the journalists came just over a week after the UN released an official report referring to the actions of Myanmar authorities as genocide. The report called the persecution of the Rohingya people […]

Peaceful Protesters Arrested in Iran

According to the Human Rights Watch, more than 50 peaceful activists have been detained in a series of protests starting in early August this year. Iran has historically handled peaceful protests poorly, with this year alone since January roughly 30 demonstrators have been killed by authorities. Reports from families claim […]

Rebel Held Idlib Province Under Attack from Assad and Putin

Russian and Syrian jets have begun raiding the last rebel held province of Syria, Idlib. Reports on the ground from Al Jazeera correspondents, members of the White Helmets, who are a group of rescue workers, and civilians have claimed that the recent air strikes have been targeting non-combatants. According to […]

Demonstrations in Chemnitz, Germany Stroke Fears of Violent Nationalism

Eighteen people were injured this past Saturday following violent clashes between far-Right protestors and counter-protestors in Chemnitz, Germany. Around 4,500 members of the Alternative for Germany Party (AFP) and the anti-Islam Pegida took part in a march after two immigrants were arrested in relation to the murder of a German […]