Daily Archives: September 9, 2018

Istanbul’s Saturday Mothers Detained For Vigil 1

On August 25, the Saturday Mothers’ protest in Istanbul, Turkey was broken up by police officers with water cannons and tear gas. The Saturday Mothers have been holding weekly vigils since 1995 for those who “disappeared” in police custody according to Amnesty International. Images of previous events show relatives of […]

Jailed Australian Filmmaker Awaits Verdict In Cambodian Espionage Trial

“I still don’t know what country I’m meant to be spying for,” sixty-nine-year-old James Ricketson was captured saying these words by ABC as he was driven from the court house in a prison truck. The filmmaker, journalist and activist is awaiting a result in his espionage trial on Friday the […]

German Protestors Clash In Chemnitz Over Stabbing Death Of Daniel H

On the 27th August, 2018, anti-immigrantion protestors clashed with foreigners on the streets of Chemnitz in the eastern state of Saxony, just one day after the fatal stabbing of a man known only as Daniel H. The two men accused of the murder are believed to be of Syrian and […]

Rohingya Genocide: UN Report Calls For Genocide Charges

Over a year since the mass displacement of the Rohingya community in Rakhine state, Myanmar, the UN has released a report which calls for Myanmar’s senior military official to be prosecuted for genocide and war crimes. The report calls for the case of the Rohingya people to be referred to […]

Is India Prepared For The Post-Flood Cleanup In Kerala?

As floodwaters begin to recede and rains have lessened, Kerala faces a significant cleanup from devastating floods that wreaked havoc across the region. Considered the southern state’s worst floods in almost a century, they resulted in the deaths of 400 people and the displacement of a further 1.8 million. The […]

Sexism In Sport: Lazio Ultra Fans Aim To Ban Women From “Sacred Place” 1

In Italy, ahead of the Lazio football team’s first game on 18 August, non-official flyers were handed out urging women to avoid parts of Rome’s Stadio Olimpico. Handed out by Lazio ultra-fans, the flyers claimed that women were not welcome in the Curva Nord part of the stadium. Translated from […]