Daily Archives: September 5, 2018

Reluctant Italy Allows 150 Refugees to Disembark Rescue Ship

Earlier this week, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, begrudgingly allowed 150 refugees to leave a rescue ship and enter the country. Prior to their disembarkment, the primarily Eritrean migrants were stranded in the port of Catania for nine days. Salvini initially refused to allow in the migrants at all […]

Peaceful Protest Met With Violence in Turkey: Authorities Break Up Sit-In Protesting the Hundreds of Disappearances During Political Unrest

Turkish police violently broke up a peaceful protest in Istanbul last Saturday, using tear gas on a crowd of participants in a regular vigil for those who disappeared at the hands of the government during political unrest in the 80’s and 90’s. The Saturday Mothers, as they are called, have […]

Turkey Detains Two More Suspects Over U.S. Embassy Shooting

Two more people have been detained by Turkish Police on Sunday, August 26th for suspected ties to the recent drive-by shooting at the U.S. embassy. The shooting took place on Monday, August 20th at the U.S. Embassy’s Security office in the Turkish capital of Ankara. Six rounds were fired from a moving […]

Yet Again, China Looks at Relaxing Its Family Planning Policies

Since 1979, China has officially limited the number of children couples are allowed to bear in an attempt to avoid food shortages as the economy rapidly developed. Carving a legacy of demographic imbalance, horrific cases of abortion, sterilizations, and infanticide, and a population aging at a worrisome rate, family planning—as […]

Families Reunite In The Korean Peninsula

In a moment of humanitarianism, 89 families from North and South Korea reunited for a few hours on August 20th in a Red Cross organized event. 83 North Korean and 89 South Koreans were selected by lottery to meet their family at Mount KumGang resort in North Korea. Though hundreds […]