Daily Archives: August 26, 2018

Understanding the Fall of the Turkish lira

The Turkish lira (₺) plunged in value against the U.S. dollar on Tuesday, August 14 after Trump tweeted that the U.S. would double its steel and aluminum tariffs against Turkey. In response, Prime Minister Erdogan announced that Turkey would also levy tariffs against the U.S., prompting the value of the […]

‘Wrong Decision’ To Ban 5G From Chinese Companies?

In light of the gradual 5G network rollout in Australia, the federal government has chosen to ban Chinese networks Huawei and ZTE from participating. This is the latest in the ongoing strained relations between Australia and China, with a Chinese nationalistic tabloid labelling the Australian government as “back stabbers” after […]

The Rise Of China

Described by Forbes as a “rising power” in 2017, China’s role in the world has increased rapidly. Wielding the potential to be a shaping global force, China has influenced cinema, business practices, and global relations. The international community, comprised of journalists, diplomats, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), may be confused about […]

Five Years Later, Egyptian Government Dodges Accountability For Rabaa Massacre

Last Tuesday marked the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s Rabaa massacre. The Egyptian government arrested thirteen alleged Muslim Brotherhood members, accusing them of stirring up protests. The ministry statement said, “We received information that they had been planning to hold meetings…with the aim of provoking citizens to mark the fifth anniversary […]

Uighur Muslims Suffer In Chinese Re-Education Camps But China Says There Is No Such Thing 2

This week, China has once again denied claims that they are holding at least one million Uighur Muslims in reeducation camps, despite the UN’s growing evidence against them. In Xinjiang, reports of reeducation camps for Uighur Muslims have become more concerning as members of this ethnic minority go missing or […]

Trump Wants A Militarized Space Force By 2020

The Trump Administration has announced an eccentric new plan for the creation of a militarized “Space Force” by 2020. The proposed Space Force would become the sixth branch of American’s military which follows a similar structure to their air and land forces. It would include a wide range of military […]

Australian Senator Invokes Holocaust Term, Calls For A Return To Racially Discriminatory Immigration Policy In Parliament Speech

The Australian federal parliament was shocked on Tuesday afternoon when Senator Fraser Anning of the Katter Australia Party made his maiden speech in the senate. In his speech, Anning called for a severe overhaul of immigration policy, barring Muslims from migrating and moving towards a more “European Christian” policy of […]

Aquarius Migrant Rescue Boat Docks In Malta After Five-Day EU Standoff

After a five-day European Union stand-off, Malta has allowed migrant rescue ship, Aquarius, to dock at its port in Valletta Harbour. The private NGO vessel carrying 141 migrants, including 70 children, safely ported on Tuesday, allowing those on board to reach the safety of land after their dangerous voyage across […]

Dangers Faced By Child-Asylum Seekers Deported From The US And Mexico

Under the rhetoric of border control, the first six months of this year has seen 25,000 women and children from Northern Central America seeking asylum deported after arriving in the US and Mexico searching for a better life. A recent report released by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) stressed […]