Day: August 24, 2018

Mass Shootings Raise Concerns About Public Safety In Canada

In the sorrowful evening of 22nd July, 2018 on Danforth Ave., Toronto, 15 innocent citizens became the victims of the firearm. Two girls, age 10 and 18, lost their young lives and the police reported that the gun used in the shooting was obtained illegally. On August 10th, in the

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Khan Pledges To Improve Economic Conditions Of Pakistan

For many in Pakistan, newly-elected Prime Minister Imran Khan is a breath of fresh air. His unorthodox campaign and dedication to improving the economic conditions of the poor and purging corruption have proven to be very popular, though there is much criticism over his former playboy persona and past behaviour,

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The Rohingya Diaspora In Bangladesh

The politically persecuted Rohingya heralding from the Burmese nation state have sought refuge in neighboring countries, particularly that of Bangladesh, though escape from brutality is not akin to  escape from hardship- as survival in a foreign land proves beyond difficult. Briefly, the Rohingya officially became a stateless people in 1982

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