Daily Archives: August 15, 2018

Bangladeshi Photographer’s Arrest Draws Necessary Attention To Protests

Bangladesh has come under international attention after a series of student protests generated violence from the state itself. The protesting began on July 29th, when two young Bangladeshi students were killed by an unsafely driven bus. Thirteen others were harmed because of the driver’s speeding. This specific safety issue surpasses […]

“Quiet Skies” Program Allows U.S. Air Marshals To Follow And Monitor Regular Citizens

The Boston Globe reports that the U.S. Transport Security Administration (T.S.A.) has been using air marshals to closely monitor citizens not suspected of any crimes since 2010. The program, known as “Quiet Skies,” tasks air marshals to track individuals at the airport, on the plane and until they leave their […]

Russian Journalists Ambushed And Killed In Central African Republic

Three Russian journalists were ambushed and killed on July 30th in the Central African Republic (CAR). Orkhan Dzhemal, Alexander Rastorguyev, and Kirill Radchenko were reportedly attacked while driving near the village Sibut. Several news organizations have reported that they were investigating a private military company called Wagner. According to The […]

United Nations Report Of Secret Internment Camps In China

A U.N. human rights panel gathered on Friday to discuss reports regarding 1 million ethnic Uyghurs that are being held in secret internment camps. Reported by the BBC news, the concerned panel discussed the ‘indoctrination’ that Muslim minorities were being subjected to. These reports came from multiple sources. One of […]

Al-Qaeda And ISIS Weapons In Syria Traced Back To American And European Arms Sellers 1

The Independent reports that weapons found in the possession of ISIS, al-Nusra and al-Qaeda forces in Syria were manufactured in the United States and Europe. Correspondent Robert Fisk visited a bombed-out al-Qaeda arms storage building in eastern Aleppo in 2017 and recorded the missile casing numbers and weapons log books there. […]

Autonomy Granted To Southern Philippines Aims To End Conflict With Muslim Separatists

Violence on the Southern Philippines island of Mindanao has continued from 1969 until as recently as July 31st,2018, when nine soldiers and civilians were killed by a suicide bomber in a truck according to The Economist. However, President Rodrigo Duterte is hoping that this conflict is brought to an end […]