Daily Archives: August 8, 2018

Act of Unity in Co-ordinated Evacuation of Syrian ‘White Helmets’

The Syrian Civil Defence, a humanitarian group known as ‘White Helmets’ due to their distinctive safety hats, have been evacuated across the Syrian border into Jordan due to the joint-effort of several external powers. About 100 or so of the White Helmet volunteers along with about 300 others including their […]

18 Killed, 10 Abducted As Boko Haram Attacks Chad-Niger Border

A precautionary evacuation of a village in the Lake Chad region near Niger has been called for by authorities following a deadly attack by Boko Haram on a village on the evening of July 19, reported Al Jazeera. The attacks, which left at least 18 people dead, 10 women kidnapped […]

Special Relationship Or Fascist Provocateurs? The Imposition Of The American Alt-Right Into British Law

Right wing American think tank “The Middle East Forum” has spent an undisclosed five-figure sum in an attempt to free prominent British hate-figure Tommy Robinson. Robinson, the founder of notorious far-right anti-Islamic group the English Defence League, was arrested for contempt of court after live streaming a rape trial which […]

Media Silencing In Tajikistan

Tajik reporter and activist Mr Khayrullo Mirsaidov was sentenced to 12 years in a high-security detention facility in an attempt to silence the Tajik media cycle. Mirsaidov published a letter in late 2017 addressed to a number of leaders in the State in an attempt to draw attention to allegations […]

Gay Couple Publicly Caned In Indonesia

Capital punishment, in various forms, is controversial for promoting violence instead of rehabilitation. On 13 July, 15 people, five of which are women, were caned outside of Baiturrahim Mosque in Banda Aceh, the capital of Indonesia’s conservative Aceh province. The detainees were accused of crimes ranging from extra-marital affairs, same-sex […]