Daily Archives: August 7, 2018

The Troubling Trend Of Escalation And Cease-Fire In Gaza

On Saturday, 21 July, a deal was reached between Hamas and Israel bringing with it another reprieve for the troubled Gaza Strip. The deal was brokered by Egyptian and United Nations officials after an Israeli Soldiers fired live ammunition and tear gas towards Palestinian protesters on Friday. Over 120 people were […]

Moving One Step Closer To Decriminalizing Homosexuality In India

India has moved one step closer to decriminalizing homosexuality after the Supreme Court began a hearing challenging the colonial-era law that, among others things, prohibits consensual sexual relations between men, and following on the heels of an August 2017 ruling that declared all people have a “constitutional right to privacy” […]

Student Protests Continue Amidst Intensified Violence In Bangladesh

Violence has increased in Bangladesh after students took the streets to protest road safety, according to the BBC. The demonstrations have blocked roads amid pouring rain and led to the suspension of schools across some parts of the capital, Dhaka, CNN reports. The Bangladeshi government has cut communications and ordered […]

Bangladeshi Student Protests Continue Amidst Violent Retaliation

Thousands of high school students took to the streets in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka after a boy and girl were hit by a speeding bus early last week. The demonstrators are calling for justice and better road safety measures, including stronger government regulations on drivers. Despite the peaceful nature of the […]

Hundreds Of Separated Families Not Reunited By Court Deadline

Thursday July 26 marked the court-ordered deadline by which the U.S. government was to have reunited immigrant families separated at the U.S.-Mexico border. Although court filings note that roughly 1,400 families have already been reunited, by the end of the day on July 26 over 700 children had not been […]

UN Rules UAE Blockade Went Against Qatari Rights

Last year, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia imposed a blockade upon Qatar that resulted in severe economic, diplomatic, and civilian issues. The blockade was established based on accusations of Qatari ties to terrorism in the region but is regarded as a power move by Saudi […]

UN Migration Pact Shunned By Hungary As A ‘Threat To The World’

Hungary’s right-wing government last Wednesday announced it will withdraw from a United Nations pact on migration, before its final approval, reported Al Jazeera. The agreement, The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration was completed on Friday, July 13, following 18 months of negotiation by all 193 UN member […]