Daily Archives: July 27, 2018

No Peace In Sight: Israel-Palestine Conflict Escalates Further As Israel Launches Largest Airstrike Since 2014’s 50 Day War

Amidst Gaza’s ongoing ‘Great March of Return’ border protests, Israel launched what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes as Israel’s ‘biggest attack’ since 2014 on Saturday 14 July 2018. Over 40 airstrikes struck Gaza throughout Saturday, resulting in the death of two teenage Palestinians, the injury of 14 Palestinians and significant […]

Jakarta Follows Duterte’s Bloody Footsteps? Jakarta’s Police Force Given License To Kill In Anti-Street Crime Campaign

With the 2018 Asian Games fast approaching, Jakarta has turned its focus to rid its streets of crime in preparation. On the 3rd of July, a one month long anti-street crime campaign was launched in Jakarta and Tangerang, aiming to address a recent spike in street crime and violent robbery […]

Rising Tension Between Israel And Syria As Syrian Plane Shot Down

Israel shot down a Syrian plane after the pilot flew close by the Golan Heights. While Syrian authorities claim that the plane was attacking rebel insurgents in their own territory,  Israel claims the plane flew into Israeli airspace. According to the Los Angeles Times, this latest strike adds on to […]