Daily Archives: July 25, 2018

Outrage Over Arrest Of Iranian Teenager For Dance Videos

Last Week, 18 year-old Iranian, Maedeh Hojabri, was arrested after posting a video of herself dancing with uncovered hair to her large Instagram following, the last social media platform not be blocked by government censors. While charges against Hojabri have not been detailed, she will presumably be accused of breaking […]

Widespread Torture In Ethiopian Prison

Earlier this month Human Rights Watch (HRW) published an exposé report describing the regime of torture some Ethiopian prisoners have been subject to for years. Officials went on record about the conduct of many guards and security personnel at the Jail Ogaden. Many prisoners had been arbitrarily detained and have […]

Rohingya Refugees In Bangladesh Receive Identity Cards: A Move Towards Recognition And Protection

As part of a joint verification effort by the Bangladesh Government and UNHCR, credit-card sized plastic identity cards are being given to Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, an important move towards recognition and protection for the estimated 900,000 who have been forcibly displaced from their home in Myanmar. The exercise began […]