Daily Archives: July 12, 2018

Protesters Accuse Polish Government Of Undermining Constitution After Purge Of The Supreme Court

Major protests have descended on the streets and parliamentary buildings amid concerns surrounding the Polish government’s interference with the Supreme Court of Poland. Such interference has involved the ‘purging’ of members of the Supreme Court whereby Poland’s current ruling party, the Law and Justice Party (PiS), has introduced a mandatory […]

Monsoon Season: The Next Crisis Facing Rohingya Refugees

Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar Refugee camps, housing up to one million Rohingya refugees, are at high-risk of flooding and landslides during the imminent monsoon season. Typically between June and September, Bangladesh endures severe cyclonic storms and some of the most intense monsoonal rains across the globe. Once these weather patterns settle […]

Ceasefire Called Between Rebels And Syrian Government At Deraa

With the taking of the Nasib Crossing, a ceasefire agreement between Syrian government and rebel forces has finally been declared. The ceasefire was heralded by the approach of armoured cars heading toward the Nasib-Jaber border that bore flags from both Syrian and Russian forces. Hours earlier, Rebel fighters reached an […]

Trump Has Considered Invading Venezuela, US Official Reports

A senior US administration official has revealed that President Donald Trump was entertaining the possibility of invading Venezuela in late 2017. According to the Associated Press, Trump stunned his aides at an August 10th meeting when he asked them about taking military action against Nicolás Maduro’s Venezuela. Those present took […]