Day: July 10, 2018

A Test For Myanmar’s Free Press: Judge Will Decide Fate Of Two Jailed Journalists

In the midst of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, (see the recent article by Osborne a landmark decision is scheduled for July the 9th which will highlight the strength or lack thereof of Myanmar’s institutions. Two journalists for Reuters, Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, and Wa Lone, 32 are

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Spain Protests As “La Manada” Resurfaces

Protests littered Spain’s streets following the decision of a regional court to grant bail to five men convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl. The panel of judges ruled two to one that there is no risk of the men fleeing or being repeat offenders. The bail is set to

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Mexico’s Election Marks Unprecedented Shift In Leadership

On July 1st, Mexico voted in an election which determined not only the presidency, but a total of over 3,400 seats, including the Senate and gubernatorial positions. This was a massive election, the largest in the nation’s history. The election yielded a voter turnout of 63%, and of the thousands

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Five NGO Workers Assaulted At Gunpoint In East India

Five female NGO workers were abducted and sexually assaulted at gunpoint in East India’s Jharkhand state. According to CNN, the female activists worked for Asha Kiran, an NGO backed by the Christian missionary group that runs a shelter in Khunti for girls and young women who leave their homes in

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India’s Water Crisis Worst In Its History

Picture a circumstance in which a natural resource, that should be available to everyone not just because it is a right or a necessity for living but because it’s all around us, is suddenly becoming infrequent and increasingly privatized. No, this is not a summary of Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax;”

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The Syrian Government’s Crackdown On Rebels In Deraa

As the threat of ISIS becomes less prevalent, another threat has unraveled from its shadow, killing civilians in plain sight: the Assad regime. The Syrian war still goes on with numerous factions at odds with each other. In an attempt to create a hyper-secular authoritarian state, the Syrian government has

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