Daily Archives: July 6, 2018

Charlottesville Protest Driver Faces Hate Crime Charges One Year After Deadly Rally

On Wednesday, 29 charges of federal hate crimes were filed against James Alex Fields Jr., the 21-year-old accused of deliberately ramming his car into a crowd at an anti-white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August of last year. The alleged attack, in which Mr. Fields accelerated directly into a […]

Africa’s Failure At The World Cup: A Reflection Of The Political Systems And Governance Structures?

There has been growing concern about the performance of African teams at major global sporting events especially the FIFA World Football Cup. With the premature exit of all five contending African teams, some Africans have argued that the poor performance of these teams is a clear reflection of the poor […]

The End Of Saudi Arabia’s Driving Ban: A One-Off Or The Beginning Of The Country’s Modern Women’s Rights Movement?

At midnight on June 24th 2018, Saudi Arabia lifted its longtime ban that forbade women from driving, nine months after the announcement was first made by King Salman, and decades after the “Women to Drive” movement first began campaigning for change. Women took to the streets in the driver’s seat […]