Daily Archives: June 25, 2018

Conservative Ivan Duque Wins Colombian Presidency Leading To Uncertainty For FARC Peace Deal

On Sunday, populist conservative Ivan Duque won Colombia’s presidential election with about 54% of the vote. He defeated Gustavo Petro, former guerrilla member and past Bogota mayor, with a platform focused on economic revival and reform of the country’s recent rebel peace deal. Duque worked at the Inter-American Development Bank […]

Steps Towards Peace Provoke Violent Responses In Afghanistan

Twelve were killed and thirty were wounded in a suicide bombing in Kabul last Monday. The attack took place outside of the Rural Rehabilitation and Development Ministry. The bomber detonated an explosive vest at the ministry’s gate as workers rushed to get home. Tragically, “the ministry has a kindergarten where […]

Australia Takes On Greater Regional Responsibilities As China’s Economic Expansion Threatens Pacific Sovereignty

On June 18, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced that Australia will challenge China’s infrastructure development projects in the Pacific Islands, reports Sydney Morning Herald. The Australian Government’s commitment to providing alternative offers is to ensure that China’s economic influence in the Pacific do not undermine the sovereignty of the small […]

Ceasefire Called Between Afghanistan And Taliban Forces, But Will It Last?

The BBC news organization this week successfully documented the extension of the Afghani ceasefire between both the Taliban and government.  This ceasefire was initially established to respect the holiness of the Eid festival and has brought a surprising and optimistic scene to the streets of Afghani communities; with both sides […]