Daily Archives: June 24, 2018

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: The Geopolitics Of The River Nile Basin

When completed, the 4.8 billion USD Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) will become Africa’s largest source of hydroelectric power, with the potential to generate 6450 MW. Despite the obvious benefits in providing electricity for Ethiopia, its construction has exposed fault lines in the rising power’s diplomatic relations with regional rival […]

New Ethiopian Government Begins Reforms By Pardoning Hundreds

The Ethiopian government has ruled to release 304 people from prison, 289 of whom were arrested due to “terrorist” charges. These “terrorist” actions include participating in the Oromo protests, a series of demonstrations that began three years ago. The decision to release hundreds of individuals is one aspect of a […]

Israel Moves To Ban Video Footage Of Soldiers Seen To Harm National Interests

The Israeli government announced a bill on Sunday June 17 that intends to outlaw the filming of Israeli soldiers in ways that may be deemed harmful to the army’s image, particularly footage that reveals deadly shootings of Palestinians.  Covering both social media networks and traditional media, the bill has been […]