Daily Archives: June 15, 2018

North Korean-US Peace Summit Back On After Trump Withdrew In late May

Just two weeks after the unprecedented sit-down between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was announced, Trump issued a letter stating that the summit had been cancelled, citing “tremendous anger and open hostility” as his primary reason for withdrawal. On June 1st, the summit was announced […]

U.S.-Led Airstrikes In Syria Could Constitute War Crimes, Claims New Report

According to a new report published by Amnesty International, airstrikes conducted in Raqqa, Syria by the United States violated international humanitarian law and could potentially amount to war crimes. The organization accused the U.S.-led coalition of killing and injuring many thousands of civilians in attacks they described as “disproportionate or […]

Security Forces Acting As Death Squads In Angola

Despite Angola ending the nearly four-decade rule of Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ repressive and violent regime, reports of extrajudicial killings by the Angolan Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) continue to worry human rights groups. Video footage captured by a bystander has been highly circulated on social media and shows members of […]

Latin American Leaders Recall Ambassadors To Venezuela Over Election Results

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected as President of Venezuela on Sunday after an election surrounded by controversy. The election was marred by low turnout, a boycott by the main opposition, and allegations from rival candidates of voting irregularities. The Lima Group, a body consisting of  Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa […]

UN Calls On US To Stop Separating Migrant Children From Parents

The United Nations Human Rights Office is calling on the Trump administration to “immediately halt” its policy of separating children from their parents after crossing into the United States from Mexico. The office said in a statement that “children should never be detained for reasons related to their own or […]