Daily Archives: May 27, 2018

Bulgarian Ministry Of Justice VS. The United States Department Of Justice: Sometimes The System Works

A mutually beneficial, although temporary, solution has come about from a potential incident regarding extradition between the United States and Bulgaria. The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) requested the extradition of five Bulgarian nationals on charges of violating an embargo in Syria in early April 2018. However, the Bulgarian […]

A New Force Emerges In Syrian War: The Women Of Idlib

The difficulties of about 3 million people encircled by hostile forces in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province is continually worsening, according to UN officials and several aid agencies who fear an imminent humanitarian catastrophe. The province is considered a place of last resort, where many Syrian families find shelter after being […]

Maduro Wins A Second Term As Venezuela’s President Amid The Country’s Socio-Economic Crisis

Nicolás Maduro won his second term as President of Venezuela earlier this week, despite low voter turnout due to a boycott of what many believed to be a rigged election and disillusionment with Maduro’s government from citizens living through the worst socio-economic crisis in the country’s history. Maduro won 68% […]