Daily Archives: May 26, 2018

AIDS Crisis Threatens Uganda, As A Shortage Of Essential Medicines Puts Thousands Of Lives At Risk

An AIDS crisis is developing in Uganda, as the country has run out of Septrin, an essential antibiotic given to all those affected by HIV, putting thousands of lives at risk. Septrin is a vital preventative medicine, as those who suffer from HIV have weakened immune systems, and the antibiotic […]

Israeli Supreme Court Defends Use Of Force Against Palestinian Protesters

On Thursday, Israel’s Supreme Court unanimously rejected two bids brought forward by human rights groups, which demanded that the Israeli army cease using snipers and live ammunition against Palestinian protesters in the Gaza Strip. The Supreme Court,  made up of three justices, sided with the Israeli military’s argument that Palestinian […]

The Canadian Government’s Unjust Behaviour Is Increasingly Evident In The Kinder Morgan Dilemma

The twinning of the Trans Mountain Pipeline by Texan infrastructure company Kinder Morgan has created a rift in Canadian politics and society, even before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the project in late November 2016. The Trans Mountain Pipeline is a pipeline that transports crude oil from the landlocked province […]

Peaceful Revolution In Action: Pashinyan Elected Armenia’s New Prime Minister

It was 1989 when the Sametová revoluce (Czech for “Velvet Revolution”) brought about the end of one-party rule in Czechoslovakia. The leadership of the Communist Party stepped down and allowed playwright-activist Václav Havel to ascend to the presidency. Havel opened his candidacy up to referendum the very next year, allowing […]

Palestinians Ask ICC For Probe Into Israeli Crimes

The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has formally submitted a referral to the International Criminal Court (ICC) calling for an investigation of alleged Israeli crimes in the Palestinian territories. The referral comes on the heels of violence in Gaza, in which Israeli forces killed 62 Palestinians attempting to cross the border […]