Daily Archives: May 19, 2018

Emergency Response Plan In Papua New Guinea Failing Isolated Citizens

Reports from Child Fund on the 8th of May suggest that Papua New Guinea¬† does not have a suitable emergency response plan to support their citizens in the wake of natural disasters. This comes after thousands began contacting counselling services and family violence helplines for humanitarian aid and support. On […]

Taganyika: Snail Hunting, Starvation And Continued Violence

Earlier this month, the International Committee of the Red Cross reported on the critical state of Tanganyika, a region located in the South East of the Congo. Since peace was destroyed in 2016, violence has seen no end within this region. As a result, the currency has collapsed, as has […]

UN Sends International War Crimes Investigators To Probe Gaza Killings

On Tuesday May 15th, the United Nations Security Council began their session with a moment of silence for the dead, noting the grief the international community after the shooting incident at the Gaza borders. The United Nations Human Rights Council also held a special session on Friday to discuss on […]

Jordanians Wrestle With Effective Methods To Push Back Against Government Inadequacies

Jordan has seen crime increase following a cut in bread subsidies in February of 2018. Among this increase, bank robbery had a very interesting effect on the public at large. It has been a rallying point for activists and ordinary citizens on social media who post that these crimes are […]