Daily Archives: May 17, 2018

For Palestinians, U.S. Embassy Move Cements Occupation Status Quo

Sunday, Jewish settlers marched in celebration around East Jerusalem alongside Israeli police protection. The march signifies the Israeli annexation of Jerusalem in 1967, consistently causing unrest for the city’s Palestinian population. In recent years, those participating in the event left a number of Palestine businesses in ruins provoking counter-protests, which […]

Many Undocumented Migrants Fear Using Food Stamps Under The Trump Administration

My previous reports and articles have highlighted the level of food insecurity in Canada and the United States, despite hindrances such as conflict and climate change-related disasters or events not making much of an effect on food production or distribution. To reiterate, around 12% of the American and Canadian households […]

Burundi Announced Referendum Looking To Extend Presidential Term Limits

The Burundi government under President Pierre Nkurunziza has launched a campaign to extend presidential term limits from two 5-year terms to two 7-year terms. The proposed constitutional referendum would allow Nkurunziza to serve for 14 more years, despite the terms he has already completed. Violence erupted in the nation after […]