Daily Archives: May 13, 2018

Indonesian Churches Targeted In Suicide Bombings

On May 13th, 2018, the Indonesian city of Surabaya suffered a string of suicide bombings which targeted three churches. ABC News reports that at least 11 people were killed, while CNN News has stated that a further 41 have been hospitalized with injuries. Both figures are expected to grow. According […]

The United States Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal

Earlier this week on May 8th, the United States President, Donald Trump, fulfilled an election promise by withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal. The deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was reached in 2015 after two years of negotiations between Iran, the EU and the P5+1 (Russia, […]

Third World Disease In A First World Country: Poverty And Acute Rheumatic Fever In New Zealand’s Māori and Pasifika

Acute rheumatic fever (ARF), a ‘third world disease’ found commonly in developing countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, is running rampant among the Māori and Pasifika children of New Zealand (N.Z.). The disease is a complication of Group A Streptococcal infection that affects Māori and Pākehā (New Zealanders of European descent) equally. […]

Home-Based Violence: An Australian Resurgence

Prior to the current Australian Prime Minister’s election, domestic violence in Australia had been largely eliminated. However, under the new Prime Minister, the issue has returned. Currently, there is an average of one woman murdered per week, and one man per month, from domestic violence (DV) attacks. Furthermore, family violence […]