Daily Archives: May 3, 2018

Amber Rudd Out And Sajid Javid In During Windrush Scandal

Amber Rudd resigned as United Kingdom (U.K.) Home Secretary on April 29, 2018. U.K. Prime Minister Teresa May, of the Conservative Party, subsequently appointed Sajid Javid to the position. Rudd struggled with explaining her role in the mistreatment of Windrush generation migrants. Rudd had claimed that her department did not […]

Pakistan Watchdog Slams ‘Grim’ State Of Human Rights

Pakistan’s fragility has made it a volatile state in which terrorism, human rights violations, and government corruption are widespread. While the United States has tried to maintain a relatively stable relationship with Pakistan over the years, it has become increasingly strained. Amidst accusations of harbouring terrorist groups like the Taliban […]

Tanzanian Protest Fails Amid Heavy Police Presence

Anti-government protests organized through social media have been prevented in Tanzania amid heavy police presence in the streets. The protests against new cyber laws were organized to take place on Thursday, the anniversary of the union between mainland Tanzania and the Indian Ocean archipelago Zanzibar. This day is known as […]

Indigenous Brazilians Gather To Protect Their Rights

Over 3,000 indigenous Brazilians have gathered in Brasilia to protest for their rights to their land, and to life, following a surge in the number of killings over land and resources in Brazil since 2003. The indigenous land is being increasingly targeted by both private organizations and the government, leaving […]