Day: April 28, 2018

Panmunjom Declaration: A Step Towards Peace In The Korean Peninsula

In the first inter-Korean summit to have taken place since 2007, North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in signed a historic joint declaration on Friday, vowing to formally end the 1950s Korean War and pursue “complete denuclearisation” of the region. In this agreement, the leaders pledged to sign

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Child-Nation Mistreating Its Children

The youngest nation in the world, ostensibly the child-nation, is attacking its children through its incessant troubles. South Sudan has been engaged in a civil war for at least five years now. Most people have been focusing on issues like the economy or the political climate, and it is a

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Counter-Militancy Operations On The Mali-Niger Border

Twelve Tuareg have been killed in clashes on the Mali-Niger border. Sixteen gunmen appeared on motorbikes outside the town of Andéramboukane and opened fire on civilians on Thursday, April 26th. Among the victims were young children and the elderly. An MSA patrol gave chase to the assailants, saying it had

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