Daily Archives: April 27, 2018

Is Voluntary Pledge Enough? 42 UK Companies Sign Pledge To Reduce Use Of Plastic

UK supermarkets and food companies have launched a voluntary pledge to reduce plastic packaging. Already, about 42 businesses, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Aldi, Lidl and Waitrose, have signed up to support the UK Plastics Pact—an industry-wide initiative launched by sustainability body WRAP, which aims to transform packaging, reduce avoidable plastic […]

Trump And Syria: A Fragile House Of Cards

In response to alleged gas attacks against civilians in Syria, U.S President Donald Trump, alongside the UK and France has made a decision to initiate tactical strikes against the Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Furthermore, he has proposed that further strikes are plausible if the regime does not stop oppressing and violently […]

The Third Revolution In Warfare: Autonomous Weapons & Modern Conflict

The prospect of fully autonomous weapons systems (AWS), or ‘killer robots’ in armed conflict has once again captured the attention of scientists, organizations, and policy-makers this month, spurring renewed international discussion. Early this month, artificial intelligence (AI) experts from 30 countries announced a boycott of the South Korean university, Korea […]

Former South Sudanese Army Commander Forms New Splinter Group, Fragmenting Opposition Further

On Monday, April 9th, Paul Malong Awan, until recently the most senior military official in South Sudan, published a document announcing the formation of a new opposition group – the South Sudan United Front (SSUF). Since May 2017, when Malong was sacked from his position as Chief of General Staff of […]

Small German Town Simultaneously Hosts Peaceful Festival, Anti-Fascist Concert, and Neo-Nazi Hitler Birthday Celebrations

Ostritz, a sleepy German town on the Polish border with a population lower than 2500, transformed into a tense and heavily policed platform for political expression over the weekend when it played host to three very different events. The right-wing, ultranationalist National Democratic Party of Germany, organized a two-day festival […]