Daily Archives: April 22, 2018

British Citizens Wrongfully Threatened With Deportation 1

Britain has threatened to detain and deport Commonwealth nationals, including Windrush-era citizens. Thousands of individuals have been denied their rights to continued occupation and residence in the UK because they cannot provide documentation to prove their citizenship. Between 1948 and 1971, approximately 50 000 people from the Caribbean, known as the Windrush […]

Palestinian Envoy To The UN Calls For Probe Into Killings In Gaza

The United Nations Security Council has been urged by the Palestinian ambassador to the UN to open an independent investigation into Israel’s crimes. These include the recent killing of four Palestinians, amounting to 39 total deaths since mass demonstrations began, dubbed the Great March of Return. Palestinians are calling for […]

Hungarians Protest Prime Minister Days After Elections Put Him In Power

Hungarians in Budapest, and other cities across the country, have taken to the streets in thousands to protest the election of a right-wing government and the re-election of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Orbán has won his third consecutive term (fourth overall) and protests come despite his tightening grip on state […]

Not-For-Profit Develops $300 Cure For Hepatitis C, $83,700 Cheaper Than Corporate Greed’s Alternative 1

A not-for-profit organization has developed a cure for Hepatitis C that costs $300, which is $83,700 cheaper than the current market alternative Harvoni. This new treatment has been shown to be equally as effective as the $84,000 per treatment model used in the U.S., with cure rates of 96-97% for […]