Daily Archives: April 9, 2018

Anti-India Protests Erupt In Kashmir

Protests against the Indian government have erupted across the India-controlled portion of the Kashmir region over the government’s killing of at least 12 rebels. The protests began in response to a series of raids on three villages in southern Kashmir as part of the government’s counterinsurgency campaign. The raids began […]

Guinea Bissau: A Demonstration Of The Role Of Women In Conflict And Its Impacts On Their Treatment In Theatres Of War

I have increasingly been interested in how addressing other elements of social rights and justice is a reasonable and intelligent means of mitigating global conflict. In particular, understanding social inclusion, rights and being able to successfully implement them is a means to make society a happier and more wholesome place. […]

Arrest Warrants Issued For Four Iraqi Atheists

On April 1st, the judiciary of Garraf District in the Southern Iraqi province of Dhi Qar confirmed that arrest warrants had been issued for four men on charges relating to atheism. Dhidan al-Ekili, the chief justice of Garraf district, said that the charges specifically related to the men “holding seminars […]

Anti-India Tension Persists And Clashes Erupt In Kashmir

Violent clashes erupted between student demonstrators and Indian police on Thursday in Srinagar, Indian-administered Kashmir. In South Kashmir’s Shopian district, students were protesting against the recent killings of 20 people, including separatist fighters and civilians by government troops. Tension has persisted since the start of April as the Kashmiris have […]