Daily Archives: April 5, 2018

What Is Worrying Japan About The Trump-Kim Jong-Un Meeting?

The recent announcement of a possible meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-Un has caused optimism among the international society that wants to see this nuclear crisis solved. Despite the unpredictable behaviour of both leaders, a face-to-face conversation is expected to have a better outcome than a set of incendiary tweets […]

The Crippling Of Turkish Media And Failure Of Freedom Of Press

Since a recent AKP ruling, Turkish media has been under tough restrictions, and the political and legal restraints on news-reporting have become visible. The state has influenced, altered facts, and scripted journalistic practices in Turkey, as well as the directive of media owners. The government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the […]

Coerced Prison Sentence For Child Activist Ahed Tamimi

Ahed Tamimi is a 17-year-old Palestinian child activist residing in Bethlehem. However, since December 2017, Tamimi has become a symbol of the Palestinian rebellion. Ahed Tamimi’s mother filmed the 17-year-old slapping and harassing Israeli soldiers in her home village of Bethlehem, located near Jerusalem. The footage from Tamimi’s act of defiance […]

Hydropolitics Sinks To New Depths In The Heart Of The Middle East

Within the Middle East, equal access to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, and their tributaries in Iran, is now more important than ever. The breakdown of water access in this region is inherently related to the origins of these rivers. After Turkey and Iran take their share, fair or otherwise, […]

Report Details Abuse Of African Immigrants In ICE Custody

As anti-immigration rhetoric in the United States continues to gain traction, details from more than two dozen detainees in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody raise further questions into the potential for abuses and dehumanization under current policy and political ideology.  After 80 men from Africa living in the United States […]

17 Palestinians Killed By Israeli Forces During Land Day Protests

This past Friday marked the onset of a six-week protest in Gaza, nicknamed the Great March of Return. This major demonstration commemorated the 42nd anniversary of Land Day, an incident in 1976 when six unarmed Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces while protesting the government’s decision to expropriate two thousand […]

UN Blacklisted Ocean Trades To Fight North Korea’s Disregard Of International Sanctions

The UN Security Council unveiled a blacklist to fight North Korea’s deliberate disregard for several international sanctions on its nuclear weapon. New York Times reporter Choe Sang-Hun detailed the announcement on a news article published on April 1, 2018, titled U.N. Unveils A Blacklist To Curtail North Korea. The announcement […]