Daily Archives: March 27, 2018

Saudi Arabia’s Coalition In Yemen: Three Years Of War Crimes And The U.S. And Britain Continue To Supply Arms

This week marks the third anniversary of the Saudi-led coalition’s involvement in the war in Yemen. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman is also the country’s Defense Minister, acting as the Commander of the coalition operation in Yemen aptly named “Decisive Storm.” Despite the flagrant human rights […]

Political Extraction: Environmental Activists Fined Almost Seven Times More Than Miners

Thirteen environmental activists protesting against the Adani group’s Carmichael coal mine in North Queensland, Australia, have been fined a total of $80 000. In January, the protestors chained themselves to coal-loading equipment in an attempt to disrupt the operations of Australia’s largest mine. The Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) group […]

UN Officials Emphasize Relationship Between Conflict And Hunger

As hunger and conflict both continue to be on the rise worldwide, officials at the United Nations recently spoke about the symbiosis between the two issues, and the need to approach them accordingly. David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, emphasized the ways in which global conflict and […]

The Aftermath Of A Natural Disaster: A Look At PNG One Month On From The Earthquake

One month has passed since a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the Southern Highlands of PNG (26 Feb), killing around 125 people and causing mass destruction to the remote region. Aftershocks and heavy rains have caused destructive landslides that have wiped out villages and left thousands without access to food, water, […]