Daily Archives: March 14, 2018

Al Shabaab’s Intent To Target Kenyan Capital Demonstrated By Foiled Terror Attack

A potentially major al Shabaab attack was foiled by security forces in Kenya in February. This article assesses the Islamist group’s continued intent to launch attacks against civilians in urban areas and examines its current capacity to do so. On Thursday 15 February, Kenyan police arrested two men, Mohammed Nane […]

Trump’s Metal Tariffs And The Possibility Of Trade Wars

According to BBC earlier today, the United States’ stance on metal tariffs has softened slightly. Spokeswomen Sarah Sanders said Canada and Mexico could be exempted. US President Donald Trump has announced steel products will face a 25% tariff, with 10% on aluminium goods. Trump’s decision to place tariffs on metal […]

Fake Drugs Are Stealing Real Lives

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fake drugs pose a tangible threat to global peace. Fake drugs can be anything from counterfeit birth control pills, cough syrup for children made from opioids, to unethically misrepresented and non-consensual drug trials in developing countries. A report released by the WHO earlier this month explains that “1 in […]

Right-Wing Nationalists In The West Seek Support Through Re-Branding

Following a respite from media attention and political organizing in recent months, two prominent right-wing nationalist figures, Steve Bannon and Marine Le Pen, addressed the Congress of the latter’s party recently, seeking to amass support for the far-right French political party. Le Pen announced a new name for the party […]