Daily Archives: March 4, 2018

Turkey Ignores The UN’s Ceasefire Agreement In Afrin  

Despite the United Nation’s (UN) Syria ceasefire resolution on February 25th, Turkey continues to fire indiscriminately in the Afrin district. These actions have resulted in over 150 civilian causalities since the beginning of the offensive on January 21st. However, the Turkish military denies harming civilians or civilian infrastructure. In July […]

Facing A Crisis Of Morale And Financial Pressure, Al-Shabab Intensifies Systematic Abuses

Systematic human rights abuses, proportionate with those committed by the Islamic State, are being committed by al-Shabab militants in Somalia. There are reports of the al-Qaeda-affiliated group extorting huge sums of money from starving villages and forcibly recruiting hundreds of suicide bombers and child soldiers. Despite formerly controlling much of […]

‘Faceless Candidate,’ Victim Of Mafia Violence Stands For Election In Italy

With today marking the Italian general elections, the Five Star Movement has announced a new candidate for election in Sicily, The Guardian recently reported. Piera Aiello’s story is a chilling testament to the continuing influence of mafias, powerfully organized crime syndicates, which have held a pervasive sway over southern Italy […]

How Did The Syrian Civil War Develop Into A Globalized Conflict? 1

Due to this week’s reports of continual conflict within the Syrian region, namely the persistent shelling and airstrikes reported within the Eastern Ghouta region, this article will investigate the origins of the Syrian conflict which now affects millions of both civilian and military inhabitants. These origins are substantiated by the […]

State Of The Nation: Russia’s Plans To Update Nuclear Arsenal

During last week’s State of the Nation speech, President Vladimir Putin unveiled the latest addition to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. A video-projection showing off new weapons was displayed behind the Russian leader, revealing the updated armaments. The simulated footage detailed the capabilities of these weapons, chief among them being a newly […]

North Korea Threatens The U.S. With Counterattack

After accusing the U.S. of bringing “dark clouds of war” through “the largest-ever” sanctions during the Olympic Games, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) has threatened to “counter” the plans for joint military drills between South Korea and the U.S. In response, the joint military exercise has already been […]