Daily Archives: February 20, 2018

Let Us Talk About Pornography

Pornography by definition, is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for sexual stimulation. It may be presented in various forms including books, magazines, photographs, films and video games. Nowadays, pornographers have taken advantage of technological advances in the production and distribution of pornography. Easily accessible porn has made pornography prevalent […]

Raised In Unrest: 357 Million Children Are Growing Up In High-Conflict Areas

A study completed by international charity, Save the Children has revealed that every sixth child in the world is growing up in a conflict zone. Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia have been listed the top three most dangerous countries to be a child. The turmoil which threatens the safety of millions […]

Brazilian Federal Decree Places Public Security Under Military Jurisdiction In Rio De Janeiro

On Friday, February 16th, the Brazilian federal government issued a public safety decree in the state of Rio de Janeiro—police, firefighters, and intelligence-gathering initiatives—will be placed under military jurisdiction for the rest of 2018. Passed down directly from President Michel Temer with the signature of Rio’s Governor, Luiz Fernando Pezão, […]

Redefining Violence To Keep Statistics Down: The Human Rights Crisis In Homeless Shelters in New York City

On Saturday, February 17, the New York Daily News reported a quietly re-defined method of measurement of violent assault to keep “critical incident” statistics down by the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) that were never announced to the public before. The DHS changes of rules were made by the Mayor […]

Contemporary Nuclear Policy: The Prognosis Of War

Earlier this month, the United States government published a legislative-mandated report titled the ‘Nuclear Posture Review.’ The Department of Defense (DoD) report aimed to assess and establish American nuclear policy, tactics and current capabilities, but also warned legislators of the increasing dangers posed by superpowers – Russia, in particular – […]

India And Iran Commit To Stronger Strategic Relationship

India and Iran have signed 15 memoranda of understanding in a renewed attempt to encourage a strategic relationship. Following President Rouhani’s visit to India, it was announced on Saturday, 17th of February, that the states will seek coordination in efforts to stabilize Afghanistan by combatting extremism and drug trafficking in the […]

Florida Shooting Survivors Push For Sustained Awareness And Change Around Gun Violence

In the wake of the United States latest mass school shooting, students who survived the attack are mobilizing to retain control of the narrative of the trauma they endured and working to protect their peers from similar attacks in the future. During the attack, and ever since, students have taken […]