Daily Archives: February 18, 2018

The Florida School Shooting: Just When Will America Take Action?

Just last week, America witnessed yet another school shooting that claimed seventeen lives and wounded another fourteen. It was reported that the culprit is a 19-year-old ex-student who opened fire with an assault rifle after being expelled for disciplinary issues. In the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day shooting, US politicians […]

Suspicious Suicides In Iranian Prisons Raises Questions Of Foul-Play

At least six people have died in Iranian prisons under suspicious circumstances in the last two months, according to a recent report from Al Jazeera. The most recent case in the series of questionable deaths came to public light last Sunday, February 11, when dual Canadian-Iranian national Kavous Seyed-Emami was […]

FBI Charges 13 Russian Individuals With Electoral Interference

This week the BBC and Guardian Newspapers Online reported the charging of 13 Russian citizens with collusion in the American election of 2016 in favour of Donald Trump Junior. This announcement, advocated for by Robert Mueller of the FBI Special Council, represents a major development in the Russian investigation. The […]

Student Activists Push For Improved Gun Control Following School Shooting In Parkland, Florida

A pro-gun control rally was held on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where students, families, and many other activists demanded tighter gun control in the U.S., according to BBC News. There is a strong, and growing movement for the reform of gun laws in order to protect American citizens from […]