Daily Archives: February 12, 2018

The Costs Of Australia’s Decision To Increase Defense Exports

On the 29th of January, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a plan to boost defense exports, promising that such a move will yield increased job and investment opportunities. The move to make Australia one of the world’s 10 biggest arms exporters within the next 10 years is an attempt to […]

Colombia’s FARC Rebels Suspend Presidential Election Campaigning

The political manifestation of Colombia’s former militant group, the FARC, has suspended its electoral campaign for Colombia’s 2018 presidential election. Leaders of the party have attributed the decision to the many incidents of verbal aggression their candidates have experienced on the campaign trail and the recent violent deaths of multiple […]

Will Canada Continue To Fuel Duterte’s ‘War On Drugs?’

On February 6, the Canadian Commercial Corporation announced the $233 million sale of sixteen combat helicopters to the Philippine air force. In the initial announcement, the public was reassured that the Bell helicopters would be used solely for “disaster relief, search and rescue, passenger transport and utility transport.” However, the […]

Ecuador And The National Referendum: The Breakdown Of A Socialist Regime

On the 4th of February, a national referendum was held in Ecuador. Seven questions regarding topics about corruption, indefinite re-election, children and environmental protection, mining, the law on capital gains, and the restructuring of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control, a government body, were part of the controversial […]

Sami Anan’s Arrest Is Another Nail In The Coffin For Egyptian Democracy

Egypt’s electoral race experienced yet another disappointment with the arrest of former candidate, Sami Hafez Anan, in Cairo two weeks ago. Anan, a retired military general and former member of Egypt’s supreme military council for armed forces, was detained on January 23 following accusations of electoral violations. A statement by […]