Daily Archives: February 5, 2018

BLOCKED: Social Media And New Horizons Of Resistance Against Digital Censorship In The Middle East

Al-Jazeera, the Qatari public broadcaster, reported earlier this week regarding Sada Social, a Palestinian collective of three journalists dedicated to documenting and responding to perceived “violations against Palestinian content.” These include the removal of content and de-platforming of online figures accused of what is considered as “hate speech” by social […]

Redefining Justice: Settler’s Death Sparks Clashes Between Palestinians And Israelis

Voices of protest were silenced by gunshots on Thursday afternoon as the Israeli Army raided villages near Nablus after an Israeli settler was gunned down on Tuesday evening.A family of five was arrested as Israeli soldiers raided Illar, a village in the occupied West Bank shortly after the death of […]

Militarized Security Build-Up Accompanies South Korean Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics, scheduled to begin on February 9th in the mountainous region of Pyeongchang County, South Korea, will feature an unprecedented use of the military for security purposes, according to reports that have surfaced in the past weeks. The New York Times said the force of 60,000 security […]

The Gulf Crisis Continues: Qatar Denies Intercepting Emirati Aircraft

Tensions have risen higher in the latest episode of the Qatar diplomatic crisis as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) accused Qatar fighter jets of intercepting two of its civilian aircraft. The UAE released videos to show Qatari fighter jets passing within 2 nautical miles (3.2 kilometres) of passenger planes that […]

Yemeni Civil War: Conflict Between Allies And The World’s ‘Worst Humanitarian Crisis’

Fighting between Separatists and Pro-Government forces underwent a cease-fire in the southern city of Aden when representatives from Yemen’s allies, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), met to diffuse the conflict. The Yemeni government in exile has been operating in Aden since the Houthis, a Shiite-linked militant group backed […]

China-India Military Build Up Continues Along Doklam Plateau, Bhutan

Satellite imagery has indicated an increase in both Chinese and Indian ground and air capabilities within the disputed territory along the Tibetan-Bhutanese border. Doklam is an historical point of contention between China and Bhutan, with the latter supported by India, for which the region is of geostrategic importance. The military […]

Syrian Refugees Shot And Beaten At The Turkish Border

Syrian refugees escaping from the intensifying violence in the north-west region of Syria are facing indiscriminate shots and beatings at the Turkish border. Refugees who succeeded in crossing the border via smuggling routes into Turkey told of Turkish border guards shooting at them, with others reporting of asylums seekers being […]

The Growing Danger Of Lone Wolf Terrorism

For the past decade, terrorism has been one of the most pressing concerns for both nations and individual civilians. While many nations have adapted to try to stop these attacks so to have methods of these terrorist organizations changed. When before many ‘Cells’ co-ordinated to plan attacks, there has been […]

Cameroon: The Internet As A Weapon Of Oppression

The Anglophone regions of the Central African nation of Cameroon are currently in their fourth month of an internet shutdown, the latest instance in a rising trend of leaderships using their citizen’s access to cyberspace as a tool of oppression and control. Last week the digital freedom NGO’s Access Now […]

The Taliban Today – Where Does The Terror End?

November 13, 2001, the date the Taliban forces abandoned Kabul, having controlled the capital city since 1996. The Taliban’s decision to shelter Osama bin Laden in the wake of the September 11 attacks resulted in the US-led Northern Alliance entering Afghanistan in order to push them from power. That was […]

Mexico Reports Record-Breaking Murder Rate For 2017

Mexico reported its highest homicide rate for 2017, with October 2017 being the bloodiest month on record since 1997, when it started collecting the associated data. According to the Mexican government’s Interior Department, there were 29,168 murders committed in 2017 – an average of 72.3 per day in first quarter […]