Daily Archives: January 31, 2018

India’s Annual Economic Survey Reveals Over 63 Million Women ‘Missing’ In India

According to an annual survey published by the Indian government, more than 63 million women are “missing” statistically across India. The survey also found that upwards of 21 million girls were unwanted by their families due to a cultural preference for male children. The report also revealed that an affinity […]

US Border Patrol Agents Vs. Humanitarian Workers

Last week, eight volunteers of the Tuscon-based humanitarian group No More Deaths, an organisation working to protect the lives of migrants crossing the Arizona desert into the US, were charged with federal crimes. Their offences included entering the Cabeza Prieta national wildlife refuge without a permit, driving in the area, […]

Libyan Migration And The EU’s ‘Policy Of Containment’

On Friday, CNN uncovered a video of Sudanese migrants kidnapped and tortured for ransom in Libya. The video showed victims being whipped while they begged their families to send money for their freedom.  After strong pressure from social media, Libyan Special Forces intervened and arrested four men found at the location and freed […]

Humanitarian Aid In Afghanistan Threatened By Rising Attacks

The last week saw three high profile attacks on western targets in Afghanistan. Such attacks will cumulatively impact the willingness of humanitarian organizations to conduct operations in the already fragile country, therefore impacting the well-being of the millions that rely on their aid. On January 24th at least three people were […]

WEF 2018: Creating A Shared Future In A Fractured World

The 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting took place in Davos, Switzerland from the 23rd to the 26th of January. The theme for the year, “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” attracted the global elite and key political figures such as US President Donald Trump, UK Prime Minister Theresa […]

Police-Targeting Bomb Strikes Threaten Colombian Security

A series of bombings in Colombia this past weekend targeted police stations and put civilians at risk. Saturday morning, two assailants riding a motorcycle flung a bomb at the Barranquilla police station. According to CNN, five police officers were killed in the attack, and 42 were injured. Later that night, […]