Daily Archives: January 9, 2018

Iranian Government Targets Youth In Recent Protests

Young students are the targets of the Iranian government during the recent anti-government protests, the widest spread civil unrest the country has experienced since 2009. So far, 21 people have been killed in this new wave of protests which started last month, with water cannons and tear gas among the […]

Ebola Survivors Sue Sierra Leone Government Due To Misappropriation Of Funds

Three years after the end of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, two survivors are suing the government regarding the misappropriation of donated funds. This will be the first international court case, of what may be many, investigating what happened to millions of dollars that were siphoned from the funds […]

Sexual Harassments In The Workplace – Moving Forward From The Weinstein Scandal

On 5 October 2017, the first allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to air. The New York Times article gave voice to women, including actresses Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd, who claimed Weinstein sexually harassed them and abused his position of power as a producer and a co-founder of Miramax. This […]

The Beginning Of A New Inter-Korean Relationship

On January 5th, 2018, North Korea had agreed to initiate official talks with South Korea. This meeting, scheduled to be held Tuesday, will be the first high-level dialogue in over two years. At least five calls have been made via the cross-border hotline between the South and the North in […]