Daily Archives: January 8, 2018

Canadian Senator Expelled From Conservative Party Over Endorsement Of Anti-Indigenous ‘Racism’

On 4 January 2018, Canadian Conservative Party Senator Lynn Beyak was expelled from her caucus after refusing to remove letters published on her website expressing anti-Indigenous views. Senator Beyak gained notoriety last year for defending Canada’s residential school system, a state-sponsored program designed to assimilate Native peoples into Canadian society. […]

US Suspends $1bn+ Security Aid To Pakistan

The Trump administration recently announced a suspension of almost all security aid to Pakistan, once thought of as an important ally in controlling extremist forces. The move came a few days after President Trump accused Pakistan of “lies and deceit.” Many U.S. government officials share Trump’s belief that Pakistan has […]

Ethiopia’s Scar: Addis Ababa To Free Political Prisoners And Close Prison

The unexpected announcement on 3 January 2018 by Ethiopia’s ruling coalition to release political prisoners and close the notorious the Maekelawi detention centre represents an important step in ending Ethiopia’s history of human rights abuses and political oppression. Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn called the release of political prisoners – previously […]

Violence After The Bicentenary Of The Battle Of Koregaon In India

On the 1st of January of 2018, Pune, the second largest city in India, had a contentious commencement of the year. The Dalit community was celebrating the bicentenary of the Battle of Koregaon, a British-Peshwa war, which marked a milestone in its emancipation. Unfortunately, this year’s celebration ended with right-wing […]