Daily Archives: December 19, 2017

U.K. Calls On Saudia Arabia To Stop Blocking Aid To Yemen Amidst Reports Of Continued Civilian Casualties

The United Kingdom’s International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt has called on Saudi Arabia to cease its obstruction of international humanitarian aid to Yemen. This fresh rebuke of Saudi Arabia’s interference in the conflict-riddled nation comes as the Guardian reports that the U.K. has immediate plans to provide further humanitarian relief […]

ICC Orders Congolese Warlord To Compensate Child Soldiers

A decision of the International Criminal Court late last week has ordered Congolese warlord, Thomas Lubanga, to pay $10 million dollars in compensation to child soldiers recruited by the warlord’s savage military campaign of 2002-03. The payment is to be made collectively; it will fund support programs for the 427 […]

Beijing Authorities Brutally Forced Migrant Workers Out Of The City

After a fire at a block of flats that killed 19 people in Beijing, government officials began a series of brutal washouts of migrant workers from their homes. However, the Beijing municipal authority denied that the campaign was intended to force poor migrant workers out of the city. The administration […]

Honduran Elections A Tug Of War Between Elite And Democratic Interests

On the 26th of November, the Republic of Honduras held General Elections for its president, deputy officials, and local mayors. During the first results announced the morning after, by the electoral commission (TSE), the opposition presidential candidate Salvador Nasralla, who represents the Alliance of the Opposition Against the Dictatorship was […]