Daily Archives: December 11, 2017

Political Leaders Need To Do More To Reduce Nuclear Tension

Nuclear tension has been rising in the Korean peninsula for some time and so far the response from political leaders has been sub-par. In the latest developments the Telegraph reported that a North Korean foreign ministry official has said that war was now an “established fact” and it was now merely […]

Mexican Presidential Candidate Proposes Amnesty For Known Drug Cartel Leaders

A prominent presidential candidate in Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has suggested granting amnesty to drug cartel leaders. In a speech presented in Guerrero recently, he claims this idea will bring peace following the violent war on drugs that has taken place over the last decade. Though it is unclear […]

A Nuclear Peace; The Only Possible Peace With North Korea?

On Wednesday the 28th of November, North Korea launched the missile test number 79th under the Kim Jong-Un regime. According to the Pentagon and other defence agencies, the missile travelled 620 miles and reached a height of around 2,800 miles before landing on the Japanese sea. This information suggests that […]

Conflict Escalating In Yemen As Allies Turned Foes, The Houthi’s and Saleh’s Forces, Engage In Battle.

The unraveling alliance between the Houthi’s along with loyal forces to former president Ali Abdullah Saleh has resulted in a conflict taking over Yemen’s capital of Sanaa. The violence has escalated to such a point that Houthi rebels have reported having killed their ally turned foe, Mr Saleh himself. The […]