Daily Archives: December 8, 2017

Ariana Grande Concert Bombing Highlights “50 Shades Of Violence” Against Girls and Women

The detonation of a suicide bomb in a concert stadium, filled at the time with 21,000 teenage girls and women, could logically be considered a targeted attack on western society, in particular in this instance, the United Kingdom. However, one of the UK’s leading prosecutors argues that the attack runs […]

Election Crisis In Honduras Sparked By Violence And Corruption

Frustrations over upcoming election results in Honduras turned violent on Friday, December 1, causing twelve injuries to civilians according to police reports. Tear gas was deployed to shut down protests that occurred at multiple locations, such as outside the vote counting centre in Tegucigalpa. A curfew was put in place […]

Getting Ready For The Egyptian Presidential Elections

Controversy and speculation began last week when former Prime Minister of Egypt, Ahmed Shafik, announced on Wednesday, his intention to run in the next presidential elections around March or April of 2018. Hours after declaring his intent to run, Shafik announced in a video message given to Al Jazeera that he […]