Daily Archives: November 28, 2017

Students Counterprotest Neo-Nazi Rally At University Of North Florida

On Monday, 20 November, a “No Nazis at UNF” protest was held at the University of North Florida (UNF) in direct response to a neo-Nazi rally planned for the same day. Around 80 counterprotesters comprising of UNF students, faculty and community organization representatives gathered, sending a message to white supremacists […]

Ankara Bans LGBTQI+ Events To Protect ‘Public Security’

Ankara, Turkey’s capital city, has instigated an ‘indefinite’ ban on all public events that promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues. This broad ban has far-reaching consequences for the LGBTQI+ community, putting a halt to their ability to host film festivals, forums, and exhibitions. Ankara’s governor, Mehmet Kiliclar, said in […]

North Sinai Mosque Attacked By Insurgents

Al-Rawdah mosque in north Sinai has been bombed by militants killing at least 232 people and injuring around 120. As Friday prayers on the 24th of November were finishing, four off-road vehicles approached the mosque and militants charged inside, gunning down worshippers. There were reportedly around 20 attackers and the […]

Indonesia And Monoculture

Recently a mass conversion to Islam of the nomadic Orang Rimba (a tribe of the Sumatran forests) took place in Indonesia. The BBC reported this weekend that three months ago, the 58 families that make up the Celitai Tribe of Orang Rimba were loaded into buses, transported to the nearest […]

Pakistan Hopes Army Can End Protests

The Pakistani government mobilized military forces in response to growing violence among protesters blocking the Faizabad Interchange.  Reports confirm two dead and at least 250 injured in demonstrations that began in early November.  Protesters are calling for Law and Justice Minister Zahid Hamid to step down from his position for […]

Israel Is Preparing To Deport Refugees Against Their Will

Last week, Israel has announced that it is willing to pay Rwanda $5000 for every refugee relocated to its country. This declaration has come after Israel’s plan to close the Holot detention centre for African Migrants which is home to thousands of refugees, early next year. The Rwandan Foreign Affairs […]

Deadly Attack On Mosque In Sinai, Egypt Kills 235 Muslim Worshippers

On Friday, terrorists stormed a mosque in the Northern Sinai peninsula of Egypt, killing at least 235 worshipers during the time after regular Friday prayers, which draw Muslim adherents to mosques every week around the world. More than a dozen attackers approached the mosque in off-road vehicles, setting off several […]

Is Saudi Arabia Listening? A Global Message To Stop Starving Yemeni Civilians

Since 5 November 2017, the Saudi Coalition has prevented the flow of food, medicine and humanitarian aid offloaded at Yemen’s sea ports, and has blocked air services to the Yemeni cities of Sana and Aden. These actions were deemed necessary by Saudi Arabia after the Iranian supported Houthi rebels threatened Riyadh […]