Daily Archives: November 27, 2017

Displaced From One Tragedy To Another

PNG authorities report that they have removed the 328 men left from the decommissioned Manus Island detention centre to new camps, the last of them being cruelly removed. Peter Dutton, Australia’s Immigration Minister, has confirmed that the centre has now been emptied. Focus points: It is reported that the refugees […]

Switzerland Donates $1.3 Billion To The EU

On November 23, 2017, the Swiss Confederation pledged to donate $1.3 billion in development aid to the European Union. The funds are proposed to target and address social inequalities in Europe, a plan that would serve Switzerland’s long-term national and economic interests. The donation will be spread over a ten-year […]

Rights Group Call For End Of Greece’s Containment Policy

Around 20 human rights groups called on the Greek government and the European Union to find a solution for the thousands of refugees stuck on Greek islands without shelter before the weather worsens. According to these groups, including Amnesty International, Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, Greek Council for Refugees, and others, […]

Saudi Arabia’s Economic Reforms: Towards A Liberal Economy?

The rumors of Saudi Arabia taking its government-owned oil company public with an IPO, have been strengthened again by statements from the Kingdoms Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. While there is still no confirmation of how much of Aramco will be publically offered, or if a private sale will be […]

Turkey Encourages Russia And USA To Pull Troops Out Of Syria

Turkey calls for both the United States and Russia to pull their troops out of Syria. This call for peace came in the wake of comments made by the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and United States President, Donald Trump, during the Asia-Pacific Summit in Vietnam. When discussing the ongoing conflict […]