Day: November 15, 2017

An Inconvenient Truth: Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Record

Many would ascribe the constant tensions between the Western superpowers and the Islamic world since the 1970s to be the result of the West’s consistent attempts to alter the cultural and political makeup of the Middle East. U.S. foreign policy is far from passive in the region, from the CIA-led

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Playing With Toy Soldiers: Lessons From South Sudan

Running through the fertile grasslands of Pibor in eastern South Sudan, children play football, or soccer, with one another. Almost a year ago, those same children had traded their sports jerseys for weapons and ammunition, and were forced to work as soldiers for the militant Cobra Faction. The Faction, an

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Japan Could Shoot Down North Korean Missiles

U.S. President Donald Trump said that Japan could shoot down North Korean missiles with U.S. military equipment. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he was looking into the deal, also stating that his country could intercept missiles “if necessary.” While President Trump was on his first state visit to

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Women’s Rights In North Korea

North Korean government officials met with the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women last week to discuss the state of gender equality and women’s rights in the reclusive nation. The North Korean government claims that it is upholding and promoting gender equality and the rights of women.

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US Agree There Is No Military Solution For Syrian Civil War

Despite no formal bilateral talks taking place between President Putin and President Trump during the Asia-Pacific Co-operation summit in Vietnam, both nations approved a joint statement released on Saturday. The statement, released by the Kremlin, outlined bilateral cooperation and agreement to support existing military communication channels and work to defeat

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