Day: November 11, 2017

Conflict In Syria Has Now Lasted Longer Than World War II

A recent meeting of the Humanitarian Task Force in Geneva gave detail to the ongoing fighting in Syria, with  Jan Egeland, the special Advisory to the UN Special Envoy for Syria declaring a horrific fact: “they have been through a seven-year war, longer the second World War”.  There had been a

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The Escalation Of The Anglophone Crisis In Cameroon

The most recent attack in Cameroon that took place on Monday 6th November in Bamenda has led to the killing of two gendarmes-paramilitary forces. The Anglophone crisis in Cameroon continues to pose serious concern for the country, neighbouring countries and international community. The security situation, which occurs in northwestern and southwestern

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Lebanon – A Regional Game Of Chess

Over the last few days, Lebanon has once again found itself stuck between regional heavyweights. In a shock move on Saturday, November 4th, Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his resignation from Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, on Saudi-owned TV networks. The Prime Minister cited Iran’s interference in domestic

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Ivory Seizures “Hit Record Levels”

The issue of elephant poaching and the prevalence of the illegal ivory trade has been posing a threat to the existence of the graceful African Elephant since they were initially declared an endangered species in 1978. However, according to a report released by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered

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Worrisome Witch Hunting

A vampire scare in Malawi has led to violence, with nine people accused of being vampires murdered since September.  The attacks began in rural areas, but have since penetrated Malawi’s second largest city, Blantyre.  One person was set on fire and another stoned to death. Police have stated that they

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Bold Attack By Houthi Rebels Heightens Regional Tensions

Saudi Arabia has resolved to close Yemen’s land, air, and sea ports following the launch of a ballistic missile towards the Saudi capital, Riyadh, by Houthi rebels on November 4th. The Kingdom retaliated within hours of the missile intercept, carrying out a barrage of airstrikes on key Houthi targets within

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