Daily Archives: October 28, 2017

After Kenya Election Re-Run—What Next?

Kenya’s electoral process has once again been thrown into chaos—the country’s election authorities have indefinitely delayed attempts to hold the vote in certain opposition areas, Reuters reported early Saturday morning. The repeat presidential vote was called by the Supreme Court after the results of the August election were successfully challenged […]

Burundi Becomes The First Country To Withdraw From The International Criminal Court Officially

On Friday, 27th October, the International Criminal Court (ICC) spokesman, Fadi el Abdallah, confirmed that the small Eastern African nation of Burundi has pulled out from the court. This comes a year after the country informed the United Nations about their intention to withdraw. Current case against Burundi According to […]

A Call For Paradigm Shift In Intersex Issues

In a report published by Human Rights Watch, the US medical community has finally advanced its approach to intersex cases. Instead of stigmatising the condition, medical experts are now encouraged to disclose intersexual traits to the child.  A “Differences of Sex Development” team was also established to convene healthcare specialists, […]

Kenya’s Re-Run Election: Massive Uncertainty

What started off as an election between two historically bitter political foes can now unravel the entire social and national fabric of Kenya. On August 8th, tens of millions of people went out on to the street to vote in the presidential election between sitting incumbent Uhuru Kenyatta and the […]

Is Operation Sentinelle Really Protecting French Citizens ?

Less than a couple of weeks away from its application, Emmanuel Macron gave a speech shedding light on the new law regarding internal security. Given the context, it directly deals with the terrorist threat which has become the number one concern of the state and its citizens since the increasing […]

Two Protesters Shot Dead By Police As Demonstrations Continue In Kenya

Demonstrations in Kenya have resulted in the killing of two opposition protestors by police as protests continue in response to the upcoming presidential rerun on October 26, 2017. The two fatalities occurred in the rural town of Bondo, where police opened fire on a group of demonstrators  protesting outside a […]