Daily Archives: October 15, 2017

Recognition Of Holistic Therapies In Mainstream Medicine

For generations, there’s been a spoken divide between approaches of the ‘East’ and ‘West’ towards medicine. Eastern methods typically imply a focus on the mind, body and soul as one interconnected thing, with a view to heal from the inside-out through finding the root cause of each physical or mental […]

Nobel Peace Laureates Says Trump Is “Igniting New Conflict” By Leaving Iran Deal

This Friday, the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate condemned the U.S. President Donald Trump for “igniting new conflict rather than reducing the risk of nuclear war.” The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) emerged as the winner of this year’s Nobel Prize, and it criticized Trump after he withheld […]

Crowdfunding Campaign To Place International Pressure On Burma To End Ethnic Cleansing

With the onset of the Rohingya Crisis and nearly half a million refugees seeking refuge in Bangladesh, actions are now taken to condemn what the top United Nations human-rights official dubs a “textbook ethnic cleansing,” stating that it is a crime against humanity. The Independent reports that Hussein Mohamad and […]

Interstate Women’s Peace March

Approximately five thousand Israeli and Palestinian women have united to march by the shores of the Jordan River to promote a simple message: peace. After two weeks of continuous marches, a ‘peace tent’ was erected to concrete their message. The marchers, from the Women Wage Peace group, are committed to […]