Daily Archives: September 22, 2017

What Does Video Footage Say? CCTV And Police Responsibility Following The Attack At Parsons Green

Two suspects are in custody following last Friday’s attack at Parsons Green tube station, which injured 30 people. Police have already linked the attack to terrorism, raising its prominence in news outlets worldwide. Following Friday’s attack, the U.K. raised its terror threat level to “critical.” The threat level has been […]

Trump’s Comments Against North Korea Make The Prospect Of Negotiations Unlikely

On September 19th, U.S President Donald Trump delivered his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly. What stood out, however, was his harsh rhetoric towards North Korea and its leader, leading to analysts warning his comments will only escalate the nuclear tensions between the two countries. Trump stated that […]

New Report Reveals Children Living As Modern Slaves

For the first time, The International Labour Organization (ILO) has collaborated with the Walk Free Foundation, producing a report entitled “The 2017 Global Estimates of Modern Slavery.” The report defines slavery as a condition when “a person is being exploited or forced…cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception, […]

Trump Provides Mixed Messages On Paris Climate Agreement

Within a twenty-four hour period, the Trump administration relied inconsistent messages with the world on the United States position on the Paris Climate Agreement. On Sunday, September 17th, the United States Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, implied that President Donald Trump was considering not leaving the Paris Climate Agreement as […]

St. Louis Protests Continue After Police Officer Is Acquitted Of Killing Young Black Man, Adam Lamar Smith

On Friday the 15th September, protests erupted in St. Louis following the acquittal of white ex-police officer Jason Stockley over the 2011 murder of a young black man, Anthony Lamar Smith, in a judge-alone trial. Stockley claimed he shot Smith five times in ‘self-defence’ following a high-speed car chase where […]

U.S. And Canadian Diplomats Victims Of Mysterious Attacks In Cuba

A formal investigation has been launched to determine the culprit behind a series of sonic harassment attacks that has led to unusual symptoms ranging from mild brain injuries to hearing loss for U.S. and Canadian diplomats in Cuba. The reports of victims stated that they felt vibrations, heard sounds such […]

The Philippines’ Commission For Human Rights Is Paralyzed Amidst A Barbaric ‘War on Drugs’

Rodrigo Duterte, president of Philippines, in June 2016 launched a highly controversial “war on drugs.” This war has led to the unlawful killings of over 7,000 people involved in criminal activity. Upon inauguration, Duterte called for citizens to kill drug-addicts, as well as any individuals involved in the drug trade. […]

Diamonds Are Mugabe’s Best Friend

Linked to “a decade of disappearing wealth,” top Zimbabwean security and political leaders are covertly profiting from Zimbabwean diamond reserves, according to Global Witness. It appears the term “Blood Diamond” is not a phenomenon reserved for Hollywood blockbusters. The anti-corruption group released a controversial report last week outlining how Zimbabwe’s […]